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  • TaskMaster-The Business Goal of the application is to organize and track a maintenance task till closure. The application helps in creating , approving, tracking and closing a task.
  • UpKeep -UpKeep application helps in planning and execution of Audit, creating Audit Report, view-and-close Audit Findings. Historical Audit Reports can be searched and viewed.
  • QuickFix -The Business Goal of the application is to reduce the turnaround time with the ease of use of the application for daily quick jobs.
  • O-Procure-The Business Goal of the application is to optimize the cycle time by integrating the trading activities. This includes the flow of goods and services from raw material sourcing to delivery to customers. Creating Requisition , sending RFQ and Generating PO can be done in Procurement Module. In Sales Module, the application offers to make Quotation , Sales Order , Proforma Invoice, Delivery Note , Tax Invoice and Credit Note. Inventory Management is an integral part of both modules.
  • EMPRO Asset Maintenance-The primary objective of this application is to facilitate comprehensive asset management, corrective maintenance, and preventive maintenance solutions tailored specifically for the needs of resorts and hotels. Through this application, our aim is to streamline maintenance operations, optimize asset utilization, and enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, the application will enable efficient inventory management, allowing for precise tracking of resources and timely replenishment. Moreover, the project seeks to incorporate robust Capex monitoring and planning functionalities, empowering resort and hotel managers to make informed decisions regarding capital expenditures and investments.